April 10th, 2017

All you need to know about your young customers

About young customers, explainers

Have you dealt with some teenagers recently? Were you able to connect with them or convince them?

Well, talking about the young generation is always confusing. Firstly, people do not know which generation to call young (and call the previous generations “not young”). Secondly, many people cannot understand what this generation wants (sometimes, they may themselves not know what they want).

So, before we go into the further details, let’s start with defining the “young generation”. Different organizations have different definitions. Broadly speaking, those born between late 70’s and mid-2000’s can be called Generation Y or Millennials while the ones born in 2000’s and later fall under the category of Generation Z. Yes, you got it right…there is no sharp year range to divide the two generations.

Since you are on this page, we can tell that you are aware of the fact that this generation is a huge potential market. If your target market is the young generation, it becomes even more important to know what attracts them

If you know someone from the young generation (or yourself belong there), you must have seen how these people have grown up surrounded by smartphones, tablets and other screens. Unlike the previous generations, they communicate, play, entertain themselves and even study on the internet, using their latest gadgets. They are pretty engrossed in their screens irrespective of the fact that they are in public or alone, whether it is early morning, afternoon or the middle of the night. According to an article by Adweek, Millennial teens spend an average of 17.3 out of 24 hours using technology! Out of which 6.3 hours are spent on smartphones and 3.5 hours on computers. So, now you know where to find them? You need to grab their attention in the digital world.

When in doubt, your young customers turn to Google search, which means that you need to rank higher on google search results to be more visible. Videos can greatly help you with the SEO. Go for Youtube videos to increase your ranking in Google search results. Talking about videos, this generation loves watching videos. Moreover, 53% Millennials & 45% of Gen Z trust online video ads! Not only this, Gen Z watches two to four hours of YouTube per day! That is why, videos will be the knights that will help you conquer the internet space and reach the young crowd.

The lovely young generation embraces new things. Entertain them, make them wonder, make them laugh or cry but strike a chord with them through your online videos. They will love you for your creativity. If you want them to connect with them, tailor your suggestions based on their personal preferences. They also watch a lot of DIY, “how to” and funny videos. They can easily relate to the presenters, characters or celebrities who are genuine and approachable. But keep in mind that you need to be authentic to be liked by these people.

They will not only appreciate your content but will also share it with others. Like any other young generation, there is a lot of peer influence. So, a few recommendation can greatly help you to spread out your message to a wider audience.

The young people love to get involved. This is why video campaigns like Lay’s — Wouldn’t It Be Yummy? (Submit your idea for the next great potato chip flavor, and you could win $1 million!) have been so successful.

Young blood never shies away from taking risks and also values humanity. Go for video marketing campaigns that excite people or for those that genuinely care for the world, and see how the youth appreciates you and joins hands you. Check out the number of views on the video by GoPro where a fireman saves a kitten like a hero.

While designing a marketing strategy for the young generation, always keep 2 things in mind.

(a) They have been dealing with a lot of clutter online and know how to ignore what’s irrelevant.

With an average attention span of 8 secs. and a lot of dynamic content surrounding them, they can easily get distracted. So, below average content will do no good. Put special efforts to produce really good videos and see the results.

(b) Be prepared to produce multi-device and multi-platform content. Your young customers want to continue getting the same personalized experience even after switching devices. They may look up for your content from smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Also, figure out where can you find the majority of your target audience, it may be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube. Spread your content as much as possible.

Young customers are important today and will become even more significant in the future. So, go ahead and make some amazing online videos to win their hearts. Be consistent in your video marketing and add fresh content. Build relationships and your brand would start growing, you would enjoy customer loyalty for years to come. If you wish to produce exceptional videos to make your mark in the market, contact Explainer.in today!


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