December 16th, 2015

5 tips to keep the quality of the explainer video high.

5 tips to keep the quality, explainer video

Your explainer video reflects your brand’s personality. This makes it all the more important to make a video that is of high quality. Every aspect of the video making process has to be perfected in order to achieve the desired results.

Find a killer concept

The concept lays the foundation for your video. If the base is weak the whole video will collapse. A good concept or plot makes for a strong explainer video start and impacts every aspect of animated video production. A concept that will catch the viewer’s attention will automatically enhance the video.

Seamless story-telling is key

The scripting stage is where the explainer video actually starts. If plot is the foundation, script is the building-block. A well-written script plays a major role in upholding the quality of the video. The script dictates the video’s audio as well as visuals. A script written in detail will ease out the production work too.

Complex animation doesn’t mean high quality

Many have this misconception that more complex and complicated the animation, the better it will look. The characters or elements shown in the video can be simple yet attract audience in huge numbers (like the popular webcomics Cyanide and Happiness). Sometimes simplicity and minimalism works better than screen full of graphics. The visuals have to convey the emotions well, that’s all that matters.

Choose the voice that would make people listen

A good voiceover plays a more important role in determining the quality of the explainer video than you would think. The voice in the voiceover is not just a narrator. It is the voice of your brand, of your organisation. Now this can’t go wrong, can it? The voice not only has to represent your brand but also connect with the viewers so that they want to listen to your message. What’s more important is that it has to sound professional. A video that has voiceover recorded in haste and with poor quality will bring down the quality of the whole video.

Add sound effects to bring in the “wow” factor

Sound effects add detailing to the video, bringing your explainer video closer to reality. The best part about videos is that they are audio-visual media. Imagine the Titanic breaking apart without the sound effects. No fun right!

So why not make the most of both the worlds.

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