November 2nd, 2015

Choosing the right tone of voiceover for your explainer video

Choosing the right tone , voiceover for your explainer video

THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!! Remember the famous catchphrase from “300” that sent shivers down our spines? Now imagine it in Donald Duck’s voice. Funny, right? Even the falcon-kick couldn’t have done the trick with that voice! Similarly, in an explainer video, without the right voice over you will not be able to convey your message accurately. Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting voice over for your explainer video.

Your brand- Your video reflects your brand’s personality, and so does your voice over. How do you want your brand to be perceived as- authoritative, playful, warm, friendly, caring, scientific, formal, just list down the attributes you associate with your brand and find a voice over that reflects just that.

Your audience- The voice over talks directly to the audience. It is not just a voice but a personality that represents your company to your potential customers. Therefore, it has to speak the same language as them, a personality they can relate to or turn to for help. Like, a video meant for children cannot sound too serious and sophisticated, but it would work well for a clinical study video made for doctors.

Your concept- Yes, that voice on the radio does sound great, but will it have the same impact in explaining a cool video game? Voice over can enhance the concept of the video. You may have a great plot and a killer script but without the right voice over your mind-blowing concept will be ineffective. Choose the tone of voice over that goes well with your story.

Your message- Though the artist has no idea about your product or service, he/she should sound like a pro. The voice over should seem like the speaker knows the subject well. This showcases professionalism and reliability.

Your market- The accent, tone and language of your voice over depends hugely on the market you are catering to. Whether you are dealing with international clientele or location-specific, choose the tone of voice over that will connect with your customers.

It is completely normal to find yourself drowning in the sea of voice over options. Narrowing down on that one voice over which perfectly matches your video can be challenging. Demos can be of great help. Ask for demos or samples before hiring an artist. Or just leave it to your creative agency, they would surely know what suits you the best.

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