January 2nd, 2016

Making video part of company blog.

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Blogs are soon becoming a thing of past with more and more companies turning to video blogs or vlogs, as they are popularly called. Uploading videos as company blogs can help in many ways.

One of the parameters that Google uses to rank websites is the amount of time visitors spend on a website. Making video part of your company blog is not just a great marketing strategy to attract customers but also to keep them on your website for long. The longer the customers stay on your website the better for your search engine optimization.

Greeting potential customers with an overview or explainer video is great. But why stop it at that. In this age of video marketing, connecting with customers has become all the more effective and easy. Statistics show that videos attract more audience than text. So, the possibility of people watching your video is higher than they reading your blog.

If you are still confused about which way to go, you can share the video and post a transcript of it to make sure that the content doesn’t go ignored.

Videos also explain better. Blog content usually deals with giving helpful tips or solving common pain points. With videos, you can convey your information with better details. Informative and entertaining videos mean your customers will keep coming back for more.

These video blogs are also your one chance to come across as more human and not just a company. You can showcase your office and teams. The customers would feel that they are working with real people and not just a “company”. This further helps in building good relationship with the customers, gaining their trust and loyalty.

Don’t have the time and resources to make such videos often? Try something easier like screencast, especially if you are looking to make tutorial videos. They are quick, easy and can be made from anywhere. Or you could get professionally crafted videos from a creative agency.

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