March 18th, 2015

How does a good plot help an explainer video?

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A plot of a story in simple terms is the single main point of the whole story. The plot of the movie Inception is “Entering others’ Dreams” and the plot of the movie Gravity is “Struggling to return to earth.”

Similarly your explainer video also should have a relevant and interesting plot.

Clients usually come to us with a never ending list of features or services to be mentioned in an explainer video. But narrating all of them one after the other is not the best way out.

Moreover jump starting an explainer video without a plot will result in a video that looks like an upgraded version of your PPT presentation.

There would be no engagement or motivation to watch the video.

You should have that HIGH point which is called the plot or a premise.

Just imagine the whole story being told in a unique premise. Then the whole story becomes interesting.

Take for example our recent client Direct Energy, one of the largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and home services in all of North America. They wanted an explainer video for a dealership offer for small store owners. There were close to 20 features of the Dealership, explaining which would seem boring to even the industry experts.

With the duration in mind, we tried cutting down the number of features but the client would not give in. With so many features the video was only getting boring.

That’s when our team came up with this cool idea of telling the whole story on ‘HIGH TENSION POWER CABLES’. That was a 360 degree creative twist in our story.

It all boiled down to picking the right props and icons related to electricity and the features.The rest was a cake walk. Any number of features simply blend into the plot. The client was super happy and the video speaks for itself.

Like they say, Concept is King, When the plot is apt and interesting, any amount of complicated points can be told in an engaging manner.

Watch the video here.

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