January 11th, 2016

5 Tips to Choose the Best BGM for your Explainer Videos

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People tend to put everything they have into explainer video production. And one important aspect that often gets ignored is the background music. It is also a very time consuming task. So when most of the time is spent on making the video, very less time is dedicated to the BGM. Hurriedly skimming through the options and selecting one just to fill up the space will surely not work if you want your video to come out great. Here are some tips to help you choose the best BGM for your explainer video.

Determine the budget for your BGM

Budget helps you decide where you should get your background music from. If you have set aside a large chunk of your budget for the background music, you can have a composer produce an original score for your video. If budget is a constraint, you can choose a suitable score from any online music library. Many websites offer royalty-free audio files at nominal pricing. And these come in huge numbers and with advanced search options. So, you can type in your requirements and find the background music for your explainer video from the list.

Go for Sonic Search tool

This would make things very quick! The Sonic Search tool has been called “a revolution in the music search”. Get a reference audio clip, may be a song or music. When you put a song on Sonic Search it catches the specific musical indications and gives you multiple options that sound similar. So if you want your video explainer to have that Mission Impossible feel, you can put its theme music on to the Sonic Search and find a similar tune.

Keep in mind the theme of your video

Is your explainer video talking about a serious, expensive business, or is it a fun app for youngsters? If the background music is not in sync with the video’s concept, it will distract the viewers from the actual message. You would want to maintain a singular theme throughout the video. The BGM has to compliment the visuals.

Choose music with a beginning and an end

It will give a complete look to the explainer video. If the music begins or ends abruptly it will bring a jerk in the video. Using an audio clip with a beginning and an end will ease the editing work. This will also increase anticipation in the viewers when the music takes off and give them a sense of completion when it ends with your video.

BGM should connect with the audience

It’s been said over and again- “customer is the king!” Know your target audience well before choosing a BGM. What would they like to hear? What would send them positive vibes? What would incite emotions in them? If you get the preferences of the audience right, there’s no looking back!

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