October 19th, 2015

Explainer Videos: How it’s Made

Animated Explainer Videos, How it’s Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of explainer videos? Well, then you are at the right place. Before you get started on the roller-coaster ride of making an explainer video, have a look at what it takes to create a good one.

It’s no different from brewing a nice cup of coffee…all you need is the right recipe with a handful of good ingredients:

  • Plot
  • Script
  • Voice over
  • Animation/live action shoot
  • Background music
  • Sound effects

It all starts with a creative brief, which serves as the ignition point for a video. A good creative brief would give the creative team 5 quick takeaways- the target audience, the problem, the elevator pitch, top three benefits and a call to action.

Arriving on a plot is challenging but fun. This is when all your creativity is put to test. If the concept is eye-catching, your video will go places. The plot is followed by a script. A good script does half the work. It’s the most vital part of the video (you can’t make coffee without coffee beans, can you?) After hours of brainstorming and understanding the brand, product and industry thoroughly, the scripting team comes up with a script.

The next step is to get the voice-over recorded, and that’s if you have decided to have one for your video. This should be quick, you might think. Not at all! A poorly done voiceover can adversely affect your video. It is more or less like the first impression of your brand, and you know first impressions matter a lot! The tone of the voiceover has to be set keeping in mind the personality of the brand. A cool brand could go for a young and fun tone while a serious business could benefit hugely from a matured voice.

With this you are halfway through to enjoy the coffee you have been waiting for. Now comes the production. The production team gets on to (literally) giving shapes to your thoughts.

Post-production is again a very interesting part of video-making. This is when you choose the background music for your video. Like voiceover, the background music also determines the way viewers are going to perceive your brand.

Who doesn’t enjoy a dash of cream on the coffee! Sound effects add the finishing touch to your video and make it more effective.

With this you have your very own explainer video ready. This is the hard way to go, an easier way would be to get in touch with a creative agency.

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