August 3rd, 2015

Do start-ups require explainer videos?

start up require, explainer videos

Over the years, marketing arena has seen a major transition from text to visuals. Explainer videos have emerged as the new favourite marketing tool. This is when the big question arises- do explainer videos work for everyone alike? What about the start-ups?
Here’s how explainer videos can help start-ups:

Introduce your company to the world

In the nascent stages of the start-up, most entrepreneurs juggle with sales and marketing by  themselves. If you do not have an exclusive marketing team, an explainer video can come in handy. You can get in touch with an agency and get your very own explainer videos.

These videos can not only help in attracting customers but also investors and journalists. An explainer video does the groundwork of establishing your company in the market. Moreover, it saves you the time and effort from speaking about your product for hours.

Showcase your brand’s personality

The explainer video will reflect your brand’s personality. You can choose how you want your brand to be portrayed. A consultancy would be able to suggest the right techniques needed to showcase your brand the way you want it to look, with the right- animation, live action, characters, colour scheme, background music, voice over, sound effects etc.

Build credibility

For a start-up, the first thing in the checklist would be to build the brand’s credibility. You can use an explainer video to reach out to the customers or even investors. An explainer video appeals to the viewers. It is more believable than a sales pitch or a promotional advertisement. An explainer video can help you establish your brand in the market and strengthen your credibility.

Increase conversions

Explainer videos are said to increase conversion rates and thereby improve sales by 20%. The explainer videos come with ‘call-to-action’s. At the end of the video viewers are greeted with a clear call to action ranging from- Sign up, Subscribe, Download, Contact, Buy, whatever suits the company. This ensures immediate response and turns viewers into customers in a short span of time.

Enhance your visibility

Videos have great reach. Remember the viral videos on YouTube that get millions of views?

YouTube statistics show that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Says something about the popularity of videos, doesn’t it? Videos are easier to share. You can upload the video on multiple websites and spread it across social media, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

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