September 28th, 2015

Animation or Live Action-Which is Best for Explainer Video

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If you are one of many, caught in the never-ending tug-of-war between Animation and Live-action, it’s time for the ultimate revelation! Here’s an end to your confusion- It’s not about what’s better, it’s all about what suits you the best. Yes, it is as simple as that. But deciding what goes best with your business is not easy. Understanding the pros and cons of both can help you choose the right video technique.

Live Action


-If you want to come across as more human rather than just a company, Live Action is the way to go. Live Action gives a personal touch to the video and connects with the viewers quickly.

-A Live Action video can bring out your brand’s personality. It can have a huge impact on your audience’s perception of your brand- whether you want to come across as serious or fun, old or young, formal or cool.

-Live Action videos are more likely to incite emotions in the viewers as they can relate to the characters and situations in the video. Therefore, Live Action videos are more effective than animated ones.

-People tend to take Live Action videos more seriously than the animated ones. So, if you want to sell a serious business-oriented service or product, Live Action would come in handy.


-Production costs can shoot up because of the artists and equipment’s involved.

-Live Action requires huge manpower- for scripting, acting, camera, lighting, editing, direction, etc. Managing the whole crew itself can be quite a task.

-A lot of time, efforts and money goes into pre-production from selecting actors to narrowing down on the right location.

-Live Action leaves very little scope for revision after the shoot. Any changes further on might require re-shooting of that sequence all over again.



-For animated videos, even sky is not the limit. It gives the creative freedom to try out new concepts, experiment with mind-blowing ideas and think out-of-the-box.

-You can cut down on the costs of hiring actors. Just a voice-over artist and good visuals are enough to bring life to an animated video.

-Animated videos are quick. Once you have a script and a storyboard at hand, the production work can get started. Unlike Live Action, which requires days of planning and scheduling shoots and re-shoots, depending on the availability of the actors and technicians.

-Editing and post-production changes are easier to implement in an animated video. It lets you make changes even in the eleventh hour.

-If your services or products are intangible like a software or cloud-based applications, animation would be the right choice. Animation transcends reality, what’s impossible with Live Action can easily be done with Animation.


-Animation can sometimes take the seriousness out of the video, making your business look more casual.

-The more the elements in the videos, the longer it will take to be made. Unlike Live Action where you can just use your living room to shoot a sequence, animation requires the artists to create every little thing from the scratch.

-Your video could miss out on that personalized touch which comes with showing real people using your brand.

If you have a product that deals with software or application but you don’t want to miss out on the human factor in the video, you can always opt for a mix of Motion graphics and Live Action to show real people using your product.

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