July 31st, 2015

How to distribute an Explainer video?

how to distribute, explainer video

Your explainer video has got it all: a ground-breaking plot, a mind-blowing script and stunning graphics, but are these enough for it to be a success? Most companies invest all their time, money and efforts in making a good explainer video. But what’s the use if people don’t see it? Distributing explainer videos in the right way is as vital as creating one.

SEO and Keywords

The right keywords can do wonders to your video. Take the most relevant and popular keywords (analytics can help you find the right keywords) and use them in the title, description, link text, meta description, URL and tags. Mould your text around 3-5 specific keywords so that the focus is on the topic. Broad keywords can get your video lost in the sea of search results. The aim is to rank higher in the search so that your video gets more views.

[Quick tip: posting the transcript of the video can increase its find ability]

Video Sitemap

Video sitemaps can get your video listed on the Google search results. Google doesn’t know what your video is about. Giving basic information like- title, description, URL, thumbnail, etc. can get Google to suggest your video when someone searches for a similar product. This increases your chances of being found on Google.

Embed Video

The first thing you would want is to showcase the video on your website. The video can be directly embedded to your website so that anyone who visits can watch it. If this seems complicated you can upload it on YouTube and integrate the video into your website. All you need to do is copy and paste the provided embed code.

You can use this embed code to share the video across multiple sites and blogs.

Video sharing/hosting platforms

YouTube is any video maker’s first resort. Although YouTube is a convenient option, let that not be your only one. Social media platforms have incredible reach. What’s more, you can keep a track of the ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’ of your video, and get better insight into what works and what doesn’t. Know your audience and share videos over relevant platforms. For instance, sharing an explainer video for Revenue Management software on a blog or a forum that deals with business and finances can get the video more clicks.

Finding the right way to distribute your explainer video is all it takes to increase its visibility. Once you have included the right keywords, submitted the video sitemap, embedded the video and uploaded it on various sites, share your video’s URL across social media, blogs and emails with catchy headlines. That’s it, now all you have to do is wait until the visitors start pouring into your website!

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