How it works

Research & Planning

We need to first learn about your project, its intended audience and its goals. We then do our own research to learn about your industry, your competitors, and your customers. We come up with a plan to accomplish the goals.

Script & Storyboard

We create the script which acts as the reference point for the storyboard, voiceover, animation and the whole project in general. Once the script is ready, we come up with a storyboard (using sketches) to help visualise the video for you. This is the most important part of the project.


We source a few voiceover samples(usually North American - Neutral English) from professional voiceover artists. Once an artist is approved, we send the approved script for final voiceover. Post this stage, no changes are allowed to either script or voiceover.

Theme Design & Visual Storyboard

We come up with various styles and themes for the video. Once a style is approved, we complete all scenes, and send you the visual storyboard.


Once the voiceover, storyboard and theme design are finalized, we start with the video production. In case of animation video, we create the required art, assets and motion/2d/3d animation. For a live action video, we produce and direct the film. For a stock video, we research and gather required footage, add motion overlays and vfx.

Editing, SFX and BG Score

We put together the audio (voiceover, sfx, background music) and video(animation, stock, live) on a timeline, and edit for precision in quality, resolution, sync, etc. We take feedback and approvals from client, before wrapping up the video.

Final Video

A high quality HD Video (optimised for web and mobile) is delivered to the client.

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