October 13th, 2015

Why do you need to keep the word count low in your explainer video script?

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Did you know that a Goldfish has attention-span of only 9 seconds!

If you think that’s too less wait until you hear that of an average human’s. Study shows that a human being can hold a single thought only for 8 seconds. That means you have mere 8 tiny seconds to catch your viewers’ attention.

Your video has to provide all the information, but it also has to be short and precise. Too much information or overly long explanations will only get your audience disinterested.

When it comes to explainer videos, ‘less is more’. You might have lots of things to say but is your audience willing to listen? Long videos are, let’s face it, boring! Even a good voice-over and catchy graphics will not be able to keep your audience hooked for too long.

Script is the backbone of a video. If you get the script right, everything else will fall into place. It is majorly the script that decides the duration of a video. Lengthier the script, longer the video. You have to keep a check on the word count if you want a video that says it all without putting the viewers to sleep.

Moreover, your audience needs time to absorb the information conveyed in the video. Too many words at once can confuse them, especially when the information is technical or complex. If the voice-over is fast-paced, your audience will not be able to grasp your message. What’s the point of an explainer video that cannot explain well!

Keeping the word count low in a script also ensures that you include only the most significant details. Viewers don’t want to hear the same old stuff that hundreds of other brands are telling them, they want to know how your product has an edge over others. So, take a minute and tell them what makes you different, instead of giving every little detail. If there’s a lot of important stuff to convey, you can do it with info-graphics on screen instead of explaining everything with the voice-over.

Quick-tip: Ideal word count for a 1-minute explainer video is 150 words. A good explainer video ranges from 60-90 seconds.

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