August 10th, 2015

Why Online Video is Critical for Connecting with Customers

Online Videos, Critical for Connecting with Customers

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video might be worth a million. Online video marketing has seen a tremendous rise in the past few years and has proven that it’s here to stay. What makes online video marketing such a hit is its ability to connect with the customers.

Videos can help build trust. Videos give a personal touch to the interaction between your company and the customers. Through videos you can showcase your brand’s personality. It makes you appear more human rather than just a company or a brand name.

Videos are visceral. They incite emotions in people. And emotions are contagious. What was it in the Harlem Shake video that made it so popular? How did the video of a cat playing on an iPad get more than10 million views? What about the tear-jerking life insurance commercial about a deaf-mute father and daughter that went viral? These videos are packed with emotions- ranging from humour to melancholy.

Videos increase click-through rate. Statistics show that just by including the word “video” in the subject line you can garner 20 % higher click-through rates. People are more likely to click play when they come across a video in email, YouTube, vimeo, facebook or other such social networking sites.

It’s the age of infotainment. Your customers need a perfect mix of information and entertainment. Information- because they want to know what good can your product bring to their lives, entertainment- simply because it’s entertaining! Every company gives information, most of which is forgotten at the beep of a microwave or the screams of a baby. A video that provides entertainment stays in the minds of its viewers for longer. So, the next time they want a service they will remember your brand.

It is easier to communicate through a video than text. With people’s sliding attention spans, videos are your best shot at keeping them engaged. Videos are more conversational, giving an impression to your customers that you are directly talking to them. Movements grab people’s attention. The combination of voice-over, music, visual effects etc. help the customers understand information better.

Videos can get your website to rank higher on Google. Google search ranking hugely depends on how much time visitors spend on your website. The longer the visitors stay, the higher it will appear in search results. All the more reason to make your videos engaging!

Online videos have massive reach. It starts with you sharing your video with a bunch of potential customers. If the video clicks with them, they will further share it with their contacts. There, half your work is done! All you have to do is make a striking video that impresses the viewers and makes them want to share it.

Here’s for you-  5 easy tips to write an engaging script!

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