October 6th, 2015

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated Explainer Video, explainer video

What comes to your mind when you hear Animation- Cartoons, Disney, Tom & Jerry…. Well, animation is also a much sought-after style when it comes to explainer videos. Who says animation is just for kids! Animated videos are great for explaining even the most complex products or services in an easy and interesting way.

With animation you can show dancing cows and talking dollar, everything that’s impossible with Live Action.

So now you are convinced that you want an animated explainer video. But which one- 2D, screencast or 3D? Here’s a quick guide to the different types of animation styles-

2D Animation-

An all-time favourite of start-ups, this video technique gives you a basic animated video that costs relatively less. Moreover, the production time that goes into creating a 2D video is a lot lesser than 3D. So if you want a quick video that fits well within your budget, 2D is the way to go.


If you have a complex product or service that needs explanation in the simplest way possible, whiteboard can come in handy. With a sequence of illustrations drawn on a white background, Whiteboard animation can give you a simple yet entertaining video.


Amazingly creative ideas and a few catchy words, that’s all you need with this video style. Play around with letters, but you have to make sure that the video doesn’t bombard the viewers with text. Monotonous scenes and tons of text can pull the audience away from your video, and hence, from your brand.


If you want a tutorial-kind of video, go for Screencast, especially if your product is an App or SaaS. Screencast animation is simple and economical. With just a digital screen and audio, screencast animation can give viewers the feel of using your product.

Stop Motion-

Bring anything to life with this animation technique. Remember ‘Shaun, the sheep’? All you need is a little creativity and a good story to tell. Stop Motion style of video is eye-catching and can retain the customers’ attention till the end with its artistic movements.

3D Animation-

If you want to stand out in the crowd, opt for 3D animation. Yes, it is a little time-consuming but the end result would be worth the wait. If budget is not a constraint, look no further, 3D animation is your best bet.


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