February 29th, 2016

Video roadmap strategy

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Letting the world know about your products or services is a process. Once you decide to do an explainer video for the same, the next thing to worry about is the strategy of putting it across your target audience. After all you don’t want the time, effort and the money you have invested in making it go waste. If there is no proper strategy to market it, the video will just lie on your website and social channels without any views! Now who wants that…you don’t…right? Don’t worry we have some great ideas to that will help you select a roadmap for your video’s marketing. Here we go:


Video hosts like YouTube allow you to add clickable text boxes, images, or icons to your video. These can slide over, fade into, or just pop up in different areas of your video, and are a great way to catch the viewer’s attention.  Well if you want a non-intrusive approach, it’s possible. Annotations like the one in Feedvisor’s YouTube slides out when the cursor hovers over the video.

Just be careful to not add to many of them as it may irritate the viewers. Experts recommend using more than 3 annotations in a 60 second video!

Play around with the text

Annotations are good idea no doubt, but without a powerful text every idea falls flat! So the best way to go about it is to tie the copy of the annotation in with the script of the video. But remember that in a few characters you have to make the viewer curious to click on the annotation.

For example, if at one point your video asks about how to increase website traffic, let the answer be in the annotation copy. So, while you’re writing your script think about how and where annotations could be used.

Use animated video in email marketing campaigns

A study by Adestra says that emails with “video” in the subject line have higher than average open and click rate. To include a video in an email, you can directly link to the video or include an image that looks like a video, but is externally linked. Another option is to use an animated GIF. GIFs are an increasingly popular and effective marketing tool in email. Including an animated GIF version of your video can add an unexpected element of delight and movement to your email, encouraging and increasing click throughs.

Promoting on social media

Apart from promoting your new explainer video to your owned social media lists , it’s a good idea to go for YouTube pre-roll ads. That’s the fastest way to get views on YouTube. These can cost you anywhere from $0.08 to $0.20 per view. A best practice is to create two targeting groups—one for topics (your video shows up as related to the video someone is currently watching) and one for interests (your video shows up as related to the video topics someone usually watches).

Also, Facebook ads are another option. The pages where the ads will appear can be chosen based on the topic of the video.

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