May 9th, 2017

Is there anything great about videos?

Anything about videos, explainer videos

This is no news that video production and viewing is on a rise. We are 101% sure that you have watched at least 1 video since last week. But we can’t say for sure if you have read a book or attended a lecture recently. Unless it is a really well-written, informative and interesting text (like this one. Of course!), you may not read it. Gone are the days when people took the pain to read some boring stuff like user manuals just to extract some information they needed. Want to know how to do something? Just search for the specific video…watch it and done!

The spike in video content is not a coincidence. Videos are a very attractive and effective medium for communicating your message. People always loved videos! Watching television and movies became their favorite kind of entertainment as soon as they were introduced to them. A few years back, the internet speed wasn’t that great plus it was not available everywhere. Buffering videos was a common thing and it required a lot of patience too. Downloading the hefty video files was another time-consuming task. Videos were not produced and shared very frequently back then because it was a bit costly. Today, you can even create a video with your mobile phone! You can share it for free, people can watch it on the internet without buffering or paying anything extra.

It’s quite clear, people always loved videos and now that they are both affordable and accessible, nothing can stop them from reaching people. Cisco predicted that IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. It means there would be videos-videos everywhere on the internet.

Do you think that your company is renowned enough and doesn’t need to bother about posting videos? Before we go any further, let’s check out a few twitter accounts:

These are some of the most well-known people on the planet and they post videos…Regularly! Because they know what it takes to remain in the minds of people. They know how to stay connected. Why not learn it from those who do it best? Of course, we are not celebrities but we can certainly use videos to connect with people.

Most of the people you want to connect with are on the go all through their day. They have a habit of checking their phones every now and then. They quickly browse through the internet for updates on what’s going on in the world or what their friends and family are doing. They may also browse the internet from their laptops, PCs or tablets in between work, while traveling or while waiting.  Most of these people cannot spare time according to the show times of their favorite television shows. Plus, they do not want to watch just anything to kill time. So, they turn to the internet and get spoiled for choice! They get to choose from a variety of videos, TV shows, web series, movies, music videos, candid videos and what not!

Videos are all over the place, especially the short videos that can be quickly watched and absorbed. People with fast-paced lifestyle prefer videos because they quickly give out a lot of information. Video are quite popular for entertainment, education, tips and tricks, DIY’s, how-to’s, etc. Some of the famous YouTube personalities, vloggers and those producing web-series are earning millions of dollars and winning billions of hearts with their videos. Their fans and followers wait eagerly for the next video! Understanding this potential of videos has led many organization to make videos an integral part of their business strategy. People like Neil Patel, Peep Laja, and Rand Fishkin always recommend businesses to go for videos to improve their market presence.

Isn’t it a great idea to send a video before a client meeting, describing about your company, its capabilities, products or services. The client can watch it at his/her own convenience to get a brief about your company and the meeting agenda. Sometimes, sales pitches and other presentations can be repetitive for your employees. Sharing a video saves a lot of time and money. If adding a personal touch is mandatory for you, you can personally go and show the video before you talk. Your salesperson can also use videos wherever possible so that he/she doesn’t have to worry about forgetting an important point or fumbling during the presentation.

Videos aid better recall and easy understanding. Watching an audio-visual is quicker and simpler than reading some lengthy text and comprehending it. Featuring in a video helps you to get closer to your audience, they recognize you, see your expressions and understand the tone of your voice. Videos hold the attention of your viewers or website visitors for a longer duration. People can even empathize with an animated protagonist in your video! Viewer may instantly comment on your videos and then it’s in your hands to have a fruitful conversation.

There is no stopping you if your video goes viral. Facebook and Youtube are ruling the internet and they are both riding on videos. There must have been a reason why Twitter acquired a live video streaming app, Periscope in 2015. The reason was growing video content and its increasing popularity in public. Watching the videos on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. has become a part of our social lives. Celebs and the general public are sharing candid videos frequently. Snapchat has redefined conversational videos. There is no denying the fact that videos make you feel closer to a person than a phone call or text.

We all love stories and videos are being designed in a manner such that we can enjoy the story while we get the message. We are already so “into” videos, watching them every now and then. Imagine the power of virtual reality videos when they become readily available to everyone. We all would be drowning in the immersive content!

It’s not just you and me, even Google is a great fan of videos. That is why it gives more priority to content that has videos in it. Google knows very well what people want to see… and now you know it too!


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