September 22nd, 2015

How to handle boring subjects in an explainer video

How to handle boring subjects, explainer video

You know how it is to be in love! You can go on and on about your sweetheart while your friends doze off. The same can happen with your explainer video. You may be head over heels in love with your product, but it might not be something your viewers fancy. Now how would you make your product look interesting through an explainer video?

 Boring can be fun!

It takes a mind-blowing plot to switch boring to fun. You can try crazy ideas and amaze your viewers. Let’s say you have a malware-detection software and want an entertaining explainer video that also conveys the entire information. Try saying it with a cat! Remember the adorably funny cat videos that were going viral on YouTube? How about showing a cat in a Sherlock-look detecting the malware? It will make the topic lighter without losing track of the main objective.

From yaawwwnn to LOL!

Sense of humour can take you a long way. Adding a dash of humour to your explainer video can come in handy, but make sure that it is not totally out of context. The piece should fit in well with the script or it will look like a forced attempt to make the viewers laugh. Better if you can incorporate the funny element in your screenplay instead of the voice script.

Where words fail, music speaks 

Will James Bond be JAMES BOND without his signature tune? Probably not. The music sure does enhance his charisma and give that “secret agent” feel to the movie. Music can make even the liveliest stories look dull and a drab one seem peppy. If your video is too serious to handle, you can include music that brightens up the video.

More visuals-less dialogues

Make the most of your video, explain your product or service through catchy visuals. Keep the dialogues to minimum. Too much talking can also confuse the viewers, or worse, put them to sleep. Conveying information through visuals not only makes it more interesting but also easier to grasp.

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