April 4th, 2015

Audio for an Explainer video

Audio for an Explainer video, Explainer video

A good video in simple terms is all about telling a nice story using good visuals and sounds. Writing about the audio really sounds good.

Since the objective of an explainer video is to simplify the concept/business/product, so should be the objective of the visuals and audio- SIMPLIFY.

While the visuals communicate a part of the story, the rest needs to be taken charge by the audio. Audio in this context can be broken down into three things, the voice, the BGM and the SFX.

Choosing the right voice artist is half job done.
Good voice artists make things easier because they bring life to the voice and the video. The modulations, the emotions, the pauses etc are all taken charge.

BGM (Back ground Music):
BGMs have to live up to their names by just sitting in the background and never disturb or dominate the voice. The BGM has to be in sync with the tone of the video and the voice.

SFX(Sound effects):
Sound effects add value by bringing that close to reality feel. The human mind craves to hear the sound of the bulb breaking while watching the same, isn’t it?

Please Look at the drawing on top to adjust the audio levels.

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