August 7th, 2015

5 Tips to Make your Explainer Video Engaging

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So, you have finally decided to get your own explainer video. Great, because your business needs an explainer video now more than ever. Cisco has predicted a whopping 1.5 billion internet video users by 2016 from 792 million in 2011. With more and more people turning to videos, explainer videos have become an integral part of marketing. But, are all explainer videos equally effective? Sadly, no. Creating an explainer video that keeps your viewers engaged till the end can be tricky. You can include these 5 points to make your explainer videos more engaging-

Story telling

Don’t just advertise your product or service. Construct a good story around your brand and make the video more enjoyable. Let your imagination run wild. You can use characters which your viewers can relate to. Revolve your story around that character and showcase how your brand has an impact on your character’s life.

Problem vs. Solution

Your explainer video is no less than a movie. If you want to establish your brand as the Hero you have to showcase an equally powerful Villain- here, a problem that your company is trying to solve. To convince the viewers that your product can do wonders, you have to highlight the problems that they are facing and how your product is going to help them overcome it. Make them realize what they are missing out on without your product.

It’s all about the numbers!

Facts and figures make your video, and therefore your brand, look more credible. Shocking statistics are not only good for grabbing your viewers’ attention but also supporting your claims with facts. Like the statistics given in the beginning of this blog about a startling increase in the internet video users makes you curious about video marketing and how to take advantage of this rising number.

Best things in life are unexpected

And so should be an explainer video. Give the audience what they least expect to see, surprise them. Making a video gives you the freedom to explore and experiment with new ideas, something that’s not feasible with text. You can create characters that your viewers have never seen before or concept that was beyond their imagination. You just have to ensure that whatever techniques you apply you are able to convey your point across to the audience.

Be a Myth-buster

A great way to grab the viewers’ attention is to state an obvious fact and prove it wrong. “So you use soda to remove stains, you have been doing it all wrong!” “Your revenue management solutions might be secretly burning a hole in your pocket”. If you have a strong evidence to prove a commonly perceived notion wrong, don’t hesitate to bring it out. Big revelations can earn you bigger brownie points.

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